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Taksim - Otantik Gözleme

Our Otantik Story;

Authentic, created with decorations Anatolian kilim motifs in our place you can comfortably reflect our environment taste remaining in our palates Anatolian local supper, spread the seating comfort, Umeda feed our hospitality we give to people in hospitality, our understanding of the not offer, we decided our faith family, the cooperative began.

Since 1998

1988 Kadikoy in Muvakkithane Street, our second branch in April 1999 Kadikoy Bahariya Street, Nailbey street, we offer Profilo Shopping Center in March 2000 and our fourth branch in the third Istiklal Street in Beyoglu your service. Our customers comfortable and peaceful environment, with music Hıngal of our delicious Anatolian dishes, ravioli, we offer adhering to the observation and Keskek of local features. Easy to digest all of our food, it was delicious, you’ll notice the taste in your mouth remaining. We know that a debt our endless thanks for your interest in our authentic Anatolian food.

All our meals are easy to digest, delicious, you will notice the taste remaining in your mouth. Authentic Anatolian Foods We know our indebted gratitude to you for your interest.